We believe that children should have fun too - it's not always about adults enjoying themselves or hard historical facts.

Children, playing safe, within an historical context, encourages their understanding and often leads to curiosity about the past.

Our activities are able to stand-alone as part of an event,  be it a birthday party, school fete, or other celebration.

These activities are very flexible and versatile, and are presented by experienced instructors with CRB checks within a safe arena.  They are suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 12, but children outside of these ages may be accepted on the sole decision of the Operator on the day.


Children get to dress up as a medieval Knight, with helmet, lance and shield and riding a fearsome [hobby horse] destrier, charge down the jousting field [the tilt-rail] to practice their skills of arms against the spinning quintain, avoiding the swinging sack after a succesful strike. They also have to avoid the swing of the axe which is swung by the fearsome Black Knight! We also sell the plastic armour and other equipment. [see our online shop].


Archery is a great pastime and our real bows and arrows will keep the youngsters amused and concentrating when all other activities have been left wanting. Usually the participant will get 6 arrows and one-on-one instruction from our experienced archer [who might just be dressed as Robin Hood!] Targets include shields, lifesize animal replicas, helmets, willow rings, a bell and a wand [thin vertical stick]. We can offer appropriate prizes too.


One of our post popular activities is the assault course inspired by the training of soldiers during World War 2. Children are drilled with a dummy wooden rifle and a plastic 'tommy' helmet, and once mastery of this has been realised, they are taken through an obstacle course of [fake] barbed wire, 'CD' minefield, tyres, crawling under groundsheets, carrying heavy objects [sometimes takes teamwork], moving straw bales and finishing with a thrust of the rifle at the hanging sack!

Give us a call and we will be happy to provide a great service.

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