Corporate events by Black Knight Historical. From opening ceremonies to cocktail parties, entertaining professionals and team building, from police officers to insurance experts. Depending on the occasion, our characters can interact with the audience, educating as well as entertaining, or remain in the background, separated from the audience by an invisible 'wall of time'.

It may seem that medieval armour and Renaissance finery have nothing to do with smart suits and modern offices. But, if you are looking for ideas for a corporate party, team building or a product launch, this can be a perfect combination. Whatever the occasion, you can rely on us to create an experience that will impress new clients, help your colleagues to relax, or create buzz in the local community.

Being a small company, we are extremely flexible: we approach each occasion individually (to be honest, we find pre-packaged events rather boring). And our active involvement in re-enactment helps us too: being a part of the community, we keep discovering talents overlooked by our bigger competitors. All this allows us to provide high-quality services while keeping strictly within budget.

We enjoy seeing dreams coming true and will always encourage you to share your ideas with us. However, if you are too busy, just give us a rough sketch of what you want, and we will work out the details. We can also help you to find a licensed venue from our catalogue, and to decorate it as the occasion requires.

A lady with an owl
Conversation with a knight
Henry VIII