Costumed Historical Interpretation by Black Knight Historical.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, and we have created a service that once again proves the truth of this proverb. Costumed Interpretation is an interactive method of presenting history, where narration is usually done from the first-person perspective, although we are happy to offer a 3rd person viewpoint as well, and will even switch between the two for best public understanding. This approach is especially popular with organisers of historically accurate events, where historical accuracy and a period feel is of paramount importance.

Interpretational characters can be both real or fictional, but each of them is thoroughly researched before being presented to the public. Our performers have a wealth of knowledge about historical periods they are presenting.

Since the characters are usually free to mix with the public, special attention is paid to the smallest details of dress and accessories. We employ the best tailors and craftsmen to make the clothing and accessories for our events.

As well as being visually stunning, costumed interpreters take you on an exciting journey to the past. Visit our photo gallery for more images of our characters through the ages.

Henry VIII era at British Library
St George at Peterborough
WWII RAF pilots 'Bouncer' and 'Binky'