Black Knight Historical - Historical Education activities and events demonstrated through from the Stone  Age to the 1950's.

We believe that learning should be fun, so we use our knowledge and skills to take children and adults of all ages on an exciting journey of discovery into the past.  Here is a selection of  the topics we cover.

• Stone, Bronze &  Iron Age

• Romans

• Anglo Saxons

• Vikings

• Norman Conquest

• Life in the Middle Ages

•Knights, Castles & Princesses

Tudors (presented by Henry VIII & Queen)

•The Elizabethan Age (presented by Queen Elizabeth I)

• The Stuarts, Gunpowder Plot and the English Civil War

• Pirates!

•Witchcraft, magic and superstition

•Crime and Punishment through the ages

•The Georgian era

•Nelson's Navy

•The Victorian Age

• World war 1 soldier/nurse/pacifist

•World War 2 Military and/or Home Front

•The evolution of the fighting man through 10000 years.

• Witches & Wizards

• History of Music

`HIstory of Medicine

• Children's Toys

• Falconry & Hawking

• History of clothing and fashion

• Dragons!

We have all the necessary paperwork to support our services, including: CRB / DBS checks, comprehensive public liability insurance, child protection policy, risk assessments, model release forms. We have a perfect record and want to keep it that way!

Contact us for details, and we will help you to create an experience that will be remembered by children for years to come! We also work at Stately homes and castles to add extra elements to a school visit, as superb costumed tour guides.


Mosquito pilot in 1944
Stories in the garden