Historic themed entertainment is our business. If you are planning a party, a wedding or a celebration, fundraiser or banquet, fun is of as much importance as historical accuracy, and we 'stand and deliver!'

For such occasions we offer a wide choice of light-hearted entertainment with historical flavour; from singers and musicians to storytellers and puppeteers, covering all periods and themes, from the Stone Age to World War II. And for a really grand show we can invite special guests, such as The Brothers of Conflagration (a fabulous fire act performed by Black Monks), knights on horseback, or the falconer with his birds of prey.

Sometimes even a single character can spice up the event, if it is somebody as famous as the Grim Reaper, King Henry VIII, The Holly King/Father Christmas or Captain Slash the pirate! Living Statues, such as Charlie Chaplin, Nelson or Roman Emperor amaze and delight. And our colourful villains - the Black Knight and the merciless Highwayman - can be trusted to make any required mischief. Stand and deliver!

For medieval-style entertainment, meet the Four Coarsemen of the Apocalypse: Sack the archer, Heckle the storyteller, Pluck the minstrel, and Sniff the barber-surgeon. Listen to their stories and music of the tavern, watch them fight with swords or quarterstaves over petty quarrels, or witness the Surgeon trying to cut bits off!

Storytelling was an essential part of popular entertainment throughout the ages, and we are doing our utmost to keep this ancient tradition alive. Our storytellers have something special for every occasion: epic adventures, legends, children's fairy tales, romance... If the audience is not familiar with English history and folklore, the storyteller will provide background information and explanations.

Fancy yourself as Brother Cadfael, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple? Try and unravel the clues as our professional cast present to you a great evening of intrigue, mystery and MURDER!  Can you spot the villain amongst a group of suspects - usually there are many with motives... Devious plots, false leads, twists and turns, and startling effects! Usually accompanied by a sumptuous evening meal, it is an ideal party for friends and colleagues to enjoy. Hope you like red herrings!

We can also help you to find a licensed venue from our catalogue of castles and historical properties, and to decorate it as the occasion requires. We can even provide themed bars and outside catering to complete the package if required.

Some of our characters can be seen in images right:  The fortune teller, firebreather, storyteller, minstrels, travelling museum of Victoprtian curiosities,  Sherlock Holmes,  Mr Tumnus from Narnia, Cyberman from 1960's, and many more.


Fire breather