Black Knight Historical Fashion Shows

An historical fashion show is exactly that: our models, dressed in the best-quality authentic clothing and accessories, are brought forward whilst the commentator explains in detail what they are wearing and their position in society.

Fashion shows are often organised as part of Living History displays, historical markets and educational presentations, but we also offer them as a glamorous and alternative corporate event whilst dining, in hotels or country houses.

This is a very flexible format; we organise Fashion Shows lasting from a 30-minute display to a full-day event. A show can cover one or several historical periods, fit a particular theme and even include a period dancing display to add versatility. Models may also mix with the public to answer questions, offer more information and pose for photographs.

Fashions of a single period. For example, our Tudor show covers the reign of Henry VIII. We demonstrate clothes of all classes - from peasants to the king - with detailed explanations about what garments each outfit consists of, what materials and techniques were used to make it, and what would be considered appropriate for a person of a particular social standing.

Multi-period shows cover several historical epochs and demonstrate changes in fashion or the development of tailoring techniques. A "family history" show covers three or four consecutive periods, and the models represent several generations of the same family. This format allows us to demonstrate gradual changes and to show how different styles mixed over time.

Themed shows are devoted to a particular topic rather than a historical era; for example, they can be based on a popular book or film. Another version is a "pictures come alive" display where models wear outfits from famous works of art.

As a historical event, a fashion show benefits everyone involved: the venue has yet another attraction to offer to its visitors, the audience enjoys a high-quality mix of entertainment and education, and the costumiers have an opportunity to advertise their skills. Contact us to find out more!

Fashionable medieval dress
A lady of fashion
Dressed in their best