Public speaking and Educating Adults about History! We enjoy sharing our knowledge, and our dedicated team of public speakers is always looking for new and better ways to educate and entertain. We provide top-quality services in a wide variety of formats, from event commentary to guided tours. Topics can be specified by the client or chosen at the discretion of the speaker. Depending on your requirements, our speakers can wear costume or formal dress.

For over 15 years we have been successfully working with historical clubs and societies, organising lectures and crafts demonstrations (for more information, see Historic Crafts). Our expert after-dinner speakers have helped to add character and flavour to quite a number of formal occasions.

We also offer commentary and Master of Ceremony services. We have provided narrators for a wide range of educational and entertainment events, including falconry displays, banquets, tournaments, and historical festivals. If required, we can use our own public address system.

We are based in Norfolk, and our extensive knowledge of local history makes us ideal tour guides, especially for places in and around Norwich. We can also provide assistance and advice regarding the programme, if the tour is to be dedicated to a particular period or person.

Making things out of straw
Friar Tuck