With many years experience and a host of costumed characters at our disposal it seemed only right that we offer this service to a new sector of clients.

Our experts will not only guide you around any of the following as required- but will dress accordingly and be able to give more insight than a standard tour guide beacuse of their experiences gained in historical reconstructions and 'Living the History' type events.

We are able to offer tour guides as follows: Battlefield tours [British and foreign, eg World War 1, Waterloo, Agincourt], Castles, Cathedrals, Cities/Towns, Whitechapel [Jack the Ripper], haunted sites and many more.

Being a small company, we are extremely flexible: we approach each occasion individually and will not set up or deliver a boring package- all our tours are unique.  But rest assured, our experts will make for a memorable tour!

This allows us to provide high-quality services while keeping strictly within budget and time frameworks.

We enjoy seeing dreams coming true and will always encourage you to share your ideas with us. However, if you are too busy, just give us a rough idea of what you want, when and where, and we will work out the details.

We can also help you to find accommodation, a coach company and  venues from our catalogue, and to make it as grand, or simple, as the occasion requires.

Please contact us for availability and costs.


A lady with an owl
Conversation with a knight
Henry VIII