Living History displays by Black Knight Historical.


A real-world reconstruction of lifestyles, costumes, manners and traditions of a particular historical period. It offers a unique learning experience where knowledge is gained by direct observation and interaction, in a way unattainable by traditional educational methods such as books, film or TV.

Each performer represents a specific character from the past, with their own personal story. Creating a believable persona requires a significant amount of research, so our performers have extensive knowledge of the period and occupation they are demonstrating. As far as possible in the modern world, all tools and clothes are made from authentic materials using technologies available at the time.

Just imagine....

The thunder of horses' hooves, the aroma of cooking fires, the song of the lute, the soaring peregrine falcon, the glint of gold... The taste of hypocras, the smell of frankincense, the feel of silk velvet brocades, the sound of cannons roaring...


Three thousand years of our history presented in such a way that you can actually walk amongst our ancestors and find out what life was like at the time, with detailed explanations and the best-quality reconstructions. For both spectator and performer, this is a chance to immerse oneself into the life and times of our ancestors in a way previously unimaginable.





Medieval cookery over an open fire
Viking boat