Murder-Mystery events by Black Knight Historical. Devious plots, false leads, twists and turns, great actors, startling effects, intrigue, mystery and MURDER! And probably a few red herrings thrown in for good measure!

Murder mysteries can turn any venue into an interesting place to be. While old mansions and haunted castles have a naturally expectant atmosphere, we have organised successful mystery events in modern hotels, pubs and even at a racecourse! Some last an evening, some a whole day; in places like hotels, we can organise events for an entire weekend.

These events are very flexible and versatile. They can take place in any historical time period and be linked to any event, real or imagined by the client. Scripts and themes are usually created individually for each mystery, taking into account all your ideas and requirements; however, we can quickly adapt a script from a previous show if you need to organise something at short notice.

The event itself is a mixture of a theatre play and costumed interpretation, and is usually staged as an accompaniment to a fine meal. The audience may be presented with several scenes, which show the main events of the story and as the plot unfolds, the characters mix with the public and answer any questions the guests might have about the historical background, relationships between the characters, and motives of their actions. In the end, the guests are invited to name the murderer and their reasons for committing the crime, and the real culprit is revealed.

We make our murder mysteries a little more than simple evening entertainment. Each character has a complex biography, thoroughly researched by our professional cast. To re-create the atmosphere of the period, we use historically correct clothes, Uniforms and accessories of the highest quality. As you would expect from Black Knight!

Give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions and help you in your choice.

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